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VOCABULARY:  click links for detailed glossary page:

  • PROJECT: a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique (non-routine) product, service or result

  • DELIVERABLE: the result or product that is required to be completed either during or at the end of the project including specifications, sketches, and comps

  • SPECIFICATIONS: like a blueprint for a building,  a plan that describes the requirements of the project (i.e. size, format)

  • CREATIVE BRIEF:  a written explanation given to a designer, outlining the goals, objectives, and specifications of a design project.

  • COMPS (COMPREHENSIVE):  a mock-up, which is a complete simulation of a design or layout that’s created before the project goes to production.

  • PROJECT SCOPE: establishes what work is included (or not included) in the project


  • SCHEDULE: a model that presents linked activities and planned dates, durations, milestones and resources

  • PROJECT PHASE: a collection of project activities that results in the completion of one or more deliverables

  • DEMOGRAPHIC: a section of the population sharing common characteristics, such as age, gender, class, etc

  • TARGET AUDIENCE: a particular group at which a film, book, advertising campaign, etc., is aimed.

  • DESIGN PROCESS: the sequence of steps in creating visual designs including thumbnails, roughs, and comprehensives

  • THUMBNAIL SKETCH: unrefined sketches for the purpose of exploring many different ideas quickly

  • BRAINSTORM:  a way of generating new ideas and solving problems by a group coming up with as many unrestrained and spontaneous ideas as possible.

  • ROUGHS: hand-drawn sketches that are larger and more refined than thumbnail sketches

  • MECHANICAL:  camera-ready, final layout of all elements of a work to be reproduced through a commercial printing process.

  • CAMERA READY:  in the commercial printing industry a document that is ready to "go to press", or be printed