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VOCABULARY:  click links for detailed glossary page:

  • TRANSDUCER: a device that converts one form of energy into another such as sound waves into electrical energy.
  • DIAPHRAM: the part of a microphone which vibrates when struck by sound waves.
  • VOICE COIL: the part of a microphone that consists of a coil of wire which moves through a magnetic field to produce electrical pulses.
  • SHOTGUN MICROPHONE: A microphone with a highly directional pickup that must be pointed directly at the sound source. 
  • CARDIOID PATTERN: A microphone that picks up sound mostly from the front in a heart-shaped pattern.
  • HYPER-CARDIOID PATTERN: An extreme version of the cardioid pattern in which most of the sound pickup is from the front.
  • BI-DIRECTIONAL PATTERN: A microphone pattern shaped like a figure-eight and picks up sound equally from front and back.
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: the way a microphone responds to different sound frequencies. Some frequencies may reproduce louder than others.
  • SPL - SOUND PRESSURE LEVEL: a measure of the relative amount of pressure produced by sound waves and relates to the loudness of the sound.
  • PLOSIVE: A blast of air that reaches the microphone with human speech, usually heard on words with "P's" and "B's".
  • POP FILTER: A screen placed in front of a microphone to help reduce popping sounds caused by plosives in human speech.
  • FEEDBACK: A high pitched squeal produced when a sound loop occurs between an open microphone and a speaker.
  • CONDENSER MICROPHONE: A wide frequency microphone using charged plates to capture sound but requires a battery or phantom power source.
  • DYNAMIC MICROPHONE: A general microphone using an electromagnetic coil to capture sound, and is very durable.
  • LAVALIERE MICROPHONE: A very small condenser microphone that can be worn as a clip-on by a subject who is speaking on camera.
  • BOOM: A long pole which has a microphone attached to one end and is positioned above the action to record dialog.
  • WIRELESS MICROPHONE: A small microphone that connects using radio signals rather than wire, used to give performers freedom of movement.
  • PHANTOM POWER: Electrical voltage sent through a balanced microphone cable to provide power to a condenser microphone.
  • WINDSCREEN: A covering over a microphone to reduce wind noise, and pops from plosive ("P") sounds when held close to the mouth.
  • RIBBON MICROPHONE: An older style studio microphone that uses an aluminum ribbon and picks up sounds from both sides.