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Definition of Term

  • Shooting mode where the user manually sets the aperture and ISO, the camera selects the correct shutter speed for exposure, often used to control depth of field.



  • In this APERTURE PRIORITY mode, you as the photographer sets the aperture that you wish to use and the camera makes a decision about what shutter speed is appropriate in the conditions that you’re shooting in. 

  • You switch to aperture priority mode, it does exactly what it says on the tin. The exposure gives priority over the aperture setting, and then shutter speed adjusts according to that. The shutter speed can drop below a manageable number when using a maximum aperture.
  • How do I use aperture priority mode?
    • To select aperture priority mode, look for the A or AV on the mode dial on the top of your DSLR or advanced point-and-shoot camera. In this mode, choose the aperture, and the camera will then set an appropriate shutter speed.

  • Does Aperture Priority change ISO?
    • you shoot aperture priority mode, you set the aperture (the f-stop) and also the ISO. The camera will then set a shutter speed for you so that the picture is properly exposed. Aperture priority mode is powerful because it is amazingly simple to use, and still allows the photographer a lot of creative choices.


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