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COMPS (Comprehensive)

Definition of Term

  • a mock-up, which is a complete simulation of a design or layout that’s created before the project goes to production. 



    Where designers start brainstorming layouts and designs with a pencil in hand, producing doodles that may be incomprehensible to anyone else, a composite, or comp for short, takes your thumbnail sketch and makes it presentable for a client to see.

    Comps can be hand-drawn if they are done so neatly and professionally. Once you've thumbnailed they can be scanned to Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

    Though comps are not finished designs, they are the necessary middle step between thumbnail sketches and the final visual design.

  • It is the third step in the design visualization process (thumbnail, rough, comp)

  • Comps are usually computer generated to look as close as possible to the finished product.

  • Comps are often used to present to a client for final approval before production.