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Definition of Term

  • ABSTRACT GAME: Games that don't relate to the real world. (Checkers, Chess, Othello, Tetris, etc.)
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence - A script that guides what computer opponents do in certain situation.
  • ANTICIPATORY CONFLICT: When a player makes a choice in order to prevent another player from making a choice.
  • AR GAMES: Alternate Reality Games - Games that intrude into the real world.
  • AVATAR: A representation of the player of the game within the game.
  • BETA: A term used to refer to a game that is still being tested before release.
  • CDG: Card Driven Game - A game that is decided by what cards a player draws. Ex: Yugioh
  • CINEMATIC: A movie inserted into a video game to advance the narrative. Now largely replaced by Cut Scenes.
  • COLLECTIBLE: Something the player can collect in-game as a reward for progress. Ex: Cut Scene Replay/Costumes
  • COMMERCIAL VIABILITY: How likely the game is to make money.
  • COOPERATIVE GAME: A game that requires players to work together to overcome a challenge.
  • CUT SCENE: A video created using the game program rather than a separate video editor to advance the narrative.
  • DIRECT CONFLICT: This occurs when one player does something that immediately affects another player.
  • DOWNTIME: Time when a player is not actually participating in the game. (WAIT / CG)
  • GENRE: A classification of a type of gameplay.
  • IMMERSION: When the player feels like they are really inside of the game.
  • INCREMENTAL: Slight changes in the game. Ex: V1.01 > V1.02
  • MDA: Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics - A way to critique game designs.
  • MMO: Massively Multiplayer Online - A game that involves thousands of other players.
  • NPC: Non-Playable Character - A game asset that is used for side-quests or to advance the narrative.
  • PLATFORMER: A game that focuses on running, leaping, and jumping. (usually involves moving platforms) Ex: Sonic
  • POWER UP: A temporary boost to the avatar or enemy.
  • PUZZLE GAME: The player must find solutions to various problems to advance in level or narrative.
  • RACING GAME: The player races against other players or AI to complete a course first.
  • RPG: Role Playing Game - Players take on the role of the Avatar and complete tasks to advance a narrative.
  • SHOOTER: A game where the principal activity is shooting at enemies and blowing stuff up.
  • SIMULATION: A simulation of a real-world activity. Ex: The Sims
  • UI: User Interface - The means by which the player interacts with the game.
  • VR GAMES: Virtual Reality Games - Games that create immersion in a 3D world by use of a VR headset.