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ROUGHS (Rough Drawing)

Definition of Term

  • hand-drawn sketches that are larger and more refined than thumbnail sketches
  • The first full-sized sketches of the image are called roughs because they are just that. When enlarging a small sketch into a full size drawing additional design decisions usually need to be made. Designing requires a lot of decision making.

    When possible roughs should be the same size as the desired product. A large object like a building requires many scale drawings.

    The first rough is a sketch that enlarges the thumbnail. The image is then refined through a series of steps until all of the design problems are solved and the drawing looks somewhat similar to what you want to create.oughs are the second phase of the design visualization process (thumbnail, roughs, comprehensives)

  • The purpose of rough drawings is to refine a chosen visual solution

  • Roughs may be shown to a client to get feedback on the design.