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Definition of Term

  • A type of camera where the viewfinder looks through the same lens that the camera uses to make exposures.

Study Guide Resources

  • Advantages of an SINGLE LENS REFLEX or DIGITAL SINGLE LENS REFLEX type of camera:
    • You see exactly what the lens sees
    • This is a great example of what-you-see-is-what-you-get. By using the viewfinder you can precisely compose your image and adjust the focus.
    • You can change the lens on a digital SLR
    • Digital SLRs have large image sensors that produce high-quality photos
    • An SLR has a near-zero lag time, and is ideal for action photography
  • How does a SLR or DSLR camera work?
    • Light passes through the lens and strikes a mirror
    • The mirror reflects the light up to a focusing screen
    • Light passes through the focusing screen and enters a block of glass called a pentaprism
    • The pentaprism reflects the image so that you can see it in the viewfinder
    • When you take a photo, the mirror flips up and a shutter opens that exposes the digital sensor to light.