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VOCABULARY:  click links for detailed glossary page:

  • TOLERANCE: the option that tells Photoshop how different in tone and color a pixel can be from the sample area clicked on for it to be included in the selection.

  • CONTIGUOUS: pixels that touch each other or are immediately next to each other, sharing a border.

  • ANTI-ALIAS: a method of making graphics and text appear smoother and more sharp

  • MARQUEE TOOLS: selection tool used for geometric shapes, such as rectangles and ellipses

  • LASSO TOOL: the freehand drawing selection tool, used to make corrections to existing selections

  • POLYGONAL LASSO: the selection tool used to draw a series of straight edges from point to point, useful for selection objects with straight lines.

  • MAGNETIC LASSO: selection tool for snapping the selection to areas that have well-defined edges. Often used to select complex shapes.

  • QUICK SELECTION TOOL: selection tool that "paints" a selection using an adjustable brush, with the selection expanding outward to find defined edges. 

  • MAGIC WAND TOOL: the tool that selects pixels based on color, tone and brightness within a range of tolerance. Often used to select solid colors.

  • COMMAND-A: selects an entire image

  • SHIFT then SELECT: adds to an active selection, or constrains an initial marquee selection to a square or circle

  • OPTION then SELECT: subtracts from an active selection, or draws an initial marquee selection from the center

  • COMMAND-D: removes an active selection

  • COMMAND-SHIFT-I: Inverts an active selection

  • COMMAND-J: Jumps the selection to a new layer